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Глаза закрою – чудится нацизм

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A promotional campaign linked to the 2014 Winter Olympics is stirring debate in Russia because of its use of allegedly «fascist» imagery.

The campaign employs images of blue-eyed, blond sportsmen and women which have been described by critics as «neo-Hitlerite» and «like something from a Leni Riefenstahl film».

Images of an Aryan-looking snowboarder and an ice-skater gazing into the middle distance dominate giant billboards in Moscow and feature on the cover of brochures to advertise Gorky Gorod, an elite housing complex being built at Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi on Russia’s Black Sea coast. The complex is a private-public partnership which will be the Olympic media village at the 2014 Games.

«Without doubt the authors of this advertising were inspired by Nazi art,» said Ekaterina Degot, a well-known art historian and former curator at the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Бля, ну что за пиздец, а?

То, блядь, православных не трожь.

То, сука, о нацизме не напоминай.

Ну че за ебаны в рот?!


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