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More important than truth

It’s hard to believe but it happened. Sane yesterday people turned into a faceless and formless crowd for some couple of days, completely incapable to take any arguments. White Ribbon, «a census of the number», «arrest me, too!» – all this colorful vulgarity and cries should not have to come to Russia. But it had. My folks turned out to be the same as any other, had already got under this madness. The «peaceful» rally against election fraud had never finished peacefully in any other country. It finished with the war, economic disaster, riot and murders, but never with peace and national reconciliation. Whatever instructions on proper behavior were published on the web, or the right call of the sympathetic voices from the radio morning programmes was announced, it will end badly! But now all this is not good. Bozena Rynska who had been rescued from arrest by several leading journalists, now openly says in her LJ page that she wants to find and disable those policemen screw her. She сonducts surveys on the topic: «Would you like Surkov to be dead?» as well. No need to pretend that you did not notice it! Because she really does. And because tomorrow others will do so. And if someone wants to kill and maim – somebody will be surely mutilated and murdered. Remember Ukraine in 2004. Remember Georgia, Egypt, Tunisia. Eventually remember Kyrgyzstan! And tell me: which country from above had any improvements after the similar riots or bloody demonstrations? Everywhere it became much worse. Everywhere people were killed. And just because people will certainly die, election results can not be canceled. I’m not even going to write here about the inevitable result of political crisis, economic problems. It is enough that someone will die.

The worst thing is that everybody who pushes the like-buttons on «Facebook» and reposts idiotic posts about the number or white ribbons, individually understands that. Individually, they realize that all these «peaceful demonstrations against election fraud,» always have its real purpose of the destruction of the existing government, and always results in death. Individually, they realize that the responsibility for these deaths partly lies on them too. But when they’re together in the crowd – they do not want to understand anything. Any appeal to common sense encounters a wall of hatred. They themselves have to decide everything. «Putin’s gang – in court!» they shout. What will happen to their country to their children and to themselves a week after they concede – it does not bother them. Now do not care. But I care about this issue much more than the question of which party of men in identical jackets has more or less civil rights to sit in the State Duma. If you have found a violation, report them to the appropriate authorities. Be careful as these authorities will make decisions in the courts. Yes, I realize that this sounds very boring. And I understand that there is no confidence in the judicial system in Russia. I do not trust them as well. But even less I do trust the «peace demonstration» in which people gather like crazy Bozena. Who regrets that she did not have the awl or shocker with.

And that’s what Eugene Chirikova, who will lead the rally, says: «If the authorities will go down to the present violence, the whole world will see who really have power now!» How to make the whole world to see «who really has power now?» That’s right – it is necessary to provoke them to violence. With the help of sewing Bozena, for example. Or anybody else there. And that ‘anybody’ does certainly exist, because it is necessary «the whole world to see who really have power now!» The organizers of the rally and Chirikova may not even suspect – but the provokers will surely be there – trust me.

I understand very well that after the publication of the text somebody could turn away from me. It could be nice and even people dear to me among them. Because these people already there, in an area already in the revolutionary frenzy. They do not hear me, but I must confess I do not hear them. I’m trying to catch, but after the noise of the crowd can not. I hear only: «Shame! Shame on you! Shame on you! «And I am scary.

But I internally prepared, that they turn away. Because we have different interests. They want to destroy government and «show it to the world’s eye» – but I want good and clear future for my family and children. My family and my children’s life is more important than the very best friends for me and everybody, as you know.

And even than the truth.

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